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Redesign Your Business Card - Be Done Creative

Sans + Structure : 

It was so refreshing to start with just the basics, I really enjoyed this first phase of the project. I've always found right justified type a bit rebellious and I'm head over heels for Avenir, so that's where I started.

I wanted my company, name and profession to have emphasis so I separated the three lines out, pushed it up and gave even more attention to the company name by setting it in all caps.

The top content still looked a bit meek, so I increased it to take up about 1/2 the card. I really love stacked type, so I put my name and profession on one line and adjusted the size so it ran the span of "BE DONE CREATIVE". I also switched the email & url because the rag was bothering me.

Finally, I felt like the top was too big, and the left edge wasn't sitting right with me, so I decreased the size of the top content so that the left edge would align nice with the left edge of the bottom content.

I adjusted the spacing between edges and content so that all was equal and felt balanced. I'm happy with the end result, but excited to hear feedback and head on to the next phase of the project!


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