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Redefining the notion of "having it all" for entrepreneurial mums

My business is an online business that I can run from home on my computer.  I require:

  • High speed internet
  • Computer
  • Skype account
  • Backup long distant call service provider

I will need the following HR to assist me:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Graphic and Web Designer
  • Tech Expert
  • Social Media Expert
  • Event Organiser

My customer is a woman entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who also happens to be a mum. I am half coach, half project manager. I provide services that help entrepreneurs to execute their big vision. I help co-create their big vision that aligns with their true strengths, who they are and what the truly want. I also help create an action plan to help them execute.  

Hard part: Finding clients who are wiling to spend money on themselves

Unique part: Hosting intensives that give my clients personlised attention that they deserve. 

Repeatable element: Whilst I will start 1:1, I will scale by providing group programs, live events and supporting products e.g. schedulers, templates etc. 

I am a freelancer, my business is my craft. 

I will ensure a steady stream of work but building my list and creating offers that genuinely help entrepreneurs and freelancers live their big vision without going crazy and melting down!

I will ensure that I don't go crazy and melt down myself, by hiring a support team to help me with certain elements of my business in which I am not so experienced in e.g. web design, technology etc.

I will consistently raise prices when I am able to deliver better results for my clients through more investment in my own education and delivering creative solutions to my clients.  By speaking more and promoting my message I hope to command higher prices.

I will need $20K to start the business in order to pay for: website, copy, branding, coaching, systems e.g. telephone lines, subscription fees etc. 

I do not need significantly more money than the basics of getting myself up and running. I may consider hiring a VA, support staff in future so that I can free up my time to focus on doing the actual work that matters and brings clients and money in the door.  I would hire a VA to help with scheduling my day, ensuring teleseminars go according to plan, prepare documents, make updates to my website etc. 

The asset will be my website i.e. a home that highlights who I am and what I do. Because I am running a virtual business I feel this will be critical. 

I think the money will start to create a return very quickly i.e. within the next month because I am out to start selling my packages ASAP. 

I do not hope to sell this company. I want this to be my life's work. 

It's difficult to say what the gross margin of what I'll be selling is because there input and investment is really time spent with the client and creating programs. 

It will take me 18 months to reach scale. I plan to work with clients 1:1 for the first year so that I can get feedback on what common issues are that entrepreneurs face. By understanding my clients better I can then create home study programs or group study programs that bring a number of people through a process to get a particular result. 

I am planning to fund the business myself and cap it at a $20K max. 

The first employees I need will be:

- VA

- Graphic Designer / Web Developer

- Copywriter

- Business Manager

I will find them through referrals in my networks. 

I would have them join me because they believe in my mission and what it is that I am creating. 

I will tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones by figuring out their superpowers and whether they realy can deliver for what I need them for. 

I need to figure out my funnel. 

I will evaluate my people by setting up criteria at the outset on what I want them to deliver and check in once a quarter to make sure we're on track. I would give a formal review after 6 months. 

My approach for talking about the uncomfortable is to discuss what is and what isn't working for them and then talk about my points.

I'm asking for people to do work that's been done before but in a really fun and collaborative way. 


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