Redeemed + Adopted

Redeemed + Adopted - student project


Conceptually I'm trying to communicate a few things:

One, authenticity: Not in a 'authentic, genuine article, trade mark' kind of thing, but in an artist signature asian chop real art piece sort of thing. This is a personal thing, supporting someone you know who is in the process of adopting, not a big company situation. We want to keep it personal.

Two, duality: there are two components to this - redemption, being bought and paid for, and adoption, being brought into the family. They are related but two separate ideas - two sides of the same coin.

Three, the cross: the idea is to drive home the parallel of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, through his ultimate sacrifice, and what we do for the child who is being brought out of a relatively hopeless situation into a family who loves that child and will raise that child as their own. It's a pretty amazing thing, when you think about it.

I'm exploring some ideas around the chop-type mark, a two-sided tag where the label wraps around, and what the identity will look like.

Redeemed + Adopted - image 1 - student project

Redeemed + Adopted - image 2 - student project

Unfortunately I'm a little behind where I wanted to be by now... story of my life at this point. Please comment, ask questions, whatever.

One thing that a friend brought up so far is that I need to be careful to keep the cross from looking too WWII German... please let me know how it's reading to you. Thanks!



A friend of mine is adopting a little boy from Latvia, and has been in the throes of fundraising for some time. A few months ago, we realized this presented us with a cool opportunity: first, his family could use some help with raising their own funds, but second, there are hundreds of other families who are looking into adoption as a calling, and who will need help with their fundraising as well.

So... we came up with a concept called Redeemed + Adopted. The idea is that we develop various items that people can use for fundraising, then set up a site where they can put together a bit of a storefront with the items they choose. We're starting with t-shirts (just ordered) and a concept based on a family coat-of-arms, but the brand and the items can expand out from there. Some early ideas are getting into very different styles from the initial renaissance-etching kind of vibe, to modern, hand-lettered, etc., and going from t-shirts to wall plaques, posters, limited edition guest designer stuff, etc.

We're excited about where this is going. Our first shipment of t-shirts will need sweet hang-tags and shipping labels, so I'm using this project to light the proverbial fire under my butt and create some awesome for this.


Redeemed + Adopted - image 3 - student project

Graham Stinson

UX Lead, Designer, Illustrator