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My motive for taking this class was to grow my personal business. I am an independant Graphic Designer and Illustrator (Check out some work if you want @ and Dribbble). I am pretty generalized as of now as far as what type of projects I complete, but one day I want to focus on Restaurant Branding and all that entails: Signage, Menus, Logo, Business Cards, Interior Design, etc. My goal is to be able to offer exceptional food photography on top of all that. I love food. I love cooking. I love restaurants. After having worked at multiple restaurants in the past, I fell in love with the whole process of how a place runs, what works and what doesn't. Combining that with my passion for design just seems to be the way to go.

My Photos:

As far as my process went, I struggled to find good lighting. I use a Nikon D3100, and the lens that came on it (18-35mm). I've not invested in any better lens' yet, but will soon. I took over 50 pictures and was able to pull off about 10 or so decent ones here. I had trouble with noise with a lot of photos. But from what I understand a better lens could help with that, but for now I kept my ISO at 400 for the most part and used a Tripod when I could, or when I had patience to! I used whatever was around my house, and tried to just focus on getting a good picture and lighting vs. setting up anything special. 

I would like to learn how to capture food while it is still hot, making everything look as appetizing in a photo as it does in real life, and how to get great photos in a restaurant setting, where it tends to be low light.

I would absolutely love contructive feedback!

Thin Mints

Vine Ripend Tomatoes 

Fresh Vegetables 1

Fresh Vegetables 2

Fresh Vegetables 3

Fresh Vegetables 4

Making Spaghetti

Turkey Sandwich 1

Turkey Sandwich 2


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