Red velvet rose

Red velvet rose - student project
  • Starting by the colors of my copic pens, I picked the tree most alike and that I believe would create a beautiful palette: R27, E07 and E57. For the flower doesn't seen "floating", I also created a background with: E31 and YR23.
  • For the paper, I choosed the one that I can find in my country (Brazil): Canson XL for Markers. It's a nice paper, but it tend to let the colors less brighten. 
  • The blending I tested with several pens to find this palette. I have only 12 copics of classic style, so they don't have the brush pin. But I trying to adapt as I can for it to work, that's why I created several lines in the flower.
  • I liked very much of this class and I liked specially the tip of color pencil and see you coloring the flower :)Red velvet rose - image 1 - student project
Tâmisa Trommer

Watercolor Mural Artist | Founder at Nácar Studio