Red dress girl

Red dress girl - student project

Red dress girl - image 1 - student project

Hey Jeremy,
1st let me say that this quick lessons helpd me to understand and create a better editing sequenece, so thank you :)
This is a picture i took a few years a go while i was travelling china, went to the amazing park of Zhang Jia Jie (aka avatar park). as i was walking along side the river, i saw this girl and had to take a picture, she was so unaware to what's going on around her, it was a cloudy day and it started rianing a couple of mintutes later.
i used some masks with the curves and level tools

to enhence the black&white effect and another mask to color in the red. the girl is a bit out of focus, but i think that usiing the color of her dress really make her pop out.
love to know what you think about it :)