Red at the Office

Red at the Office - student project

This has been quite the educational course so far! I've finished rigging the provided Red character. I customized the controls to provide some different color coordination. Here's a screen of the finished rig.

Red at the Office - image 1 - student project

I ran into an issue where every time I performed the auto-rig, the torso artwork was getting slightly stretched at the hip, causing some unsightly seams. I fixed it by adding some starch to the corners of the mesh and adjusting the range.

I still have to wrap up the last course videos, and then I want to try and make a simple animation with Red. My goal is to recreate the "thumbs up kid" meme. We'll see if it works :D.



I finished taking a crack at the thumbs up animation. I made the right hand into a precomp and quickly masked out the individual fingers to layers and did some puppet pinning and animation. I also did some manual facial animation, just kid of guessing along the way. I still need to watch Jake's youtube tutorial for face rigging. Here's the final result:

Red at the Office - image 2 - student project


Hopefully I can take what I've learned here to design, rig, and animated my own character. I want to take a stab at a very geometric ballet dancer.