Red and Green

Red and Green - student project

I was inspired by many images scattered across the internet.  Most notably were Japanese Maple leaves, spider lilies (so creepy yet so beautiful) and some six-petal flowers that I've forgotten the names of.  Didn't intend to only paint reds and greens, but I think it looks quite nice.  For some reason my phone's camera completely washed out the values, so think of this piece as being more...abstract...

Red and Green - image 1 - student project

This was done in watercolour on mixed media paper (it held up surprisingly well!)   Minimal layering and colours as I have a rather bad habit of using too many and making everything muddy.  Less is better it seems.  The gradations on the centre left leaves (green -> yellow) were a complete but happy accident!  I had too much yellow paint on the brush and was quite surprised, but I think it looks nice.  (also yes, my palette really does have that many shades of red.  You totally need to have 38527937982 different shades of the same colour, right?)