Red-Tail | Skillshare Projects

Justin Jones

Designer & Illustrator




For my project I'm going to be illustrating the "Red-Tail Hawk". They are constantly flying around my neighborhood and I'm always seeing them purched on light poles outside my apartment, so it seemed fitting. My father also used to train them for hunting when he was a kid, which I always thought was so cool. 

Step 1:

I found some great reference photos of the Red-Tail. Not as many of his head that I would have liked but there are so many of his body and wings. I love the side profile shot and the interesting shapes within the birds body. 

Step 2:

I really like the shapes of the Hawks head. I found the shapes in the front of the face very interesting and found what I thought were pretty interesting spots where they all connect. It seems very fluid. I also love the shapes of the wings and how they are a stacked type of pattern.


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