Red Scorpion hot sauce

Red Scorpion hot sauce - student project

I will be working on a hot sauce label for Red Scorpion hot sauce. I want the label to have an upscale and fun vibe with a hand-made look. I am pretty tired of clean, computer generated designs. This is an oportunity for me to work by hand for a change.Red Scorpion hot sauce - image 1 - student projectRed Scorpion hot sauce - image 2 - student project

Getting the feel for what I want the type to look like. I have decided that "Red Scorpion" should be prominant because it sounds cool and will pique interest in the product. An illustrated scorpion will be featured on the label as well.Red Scorpion hot sauce - image 3 - student project

A more refined idea for the label.Red Scorpion hot sauce - image 4 - student project

Further refinements.

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