Red Riding Hood (as the villain!)

Red Riding Hood (as the villain!) - student project

Once upon a time, there was an ancient talisman that belonged to the werewolves. This talisman was very precious to the wolves, and prevented them from attacking loved ones during a full moon.

One day, a very dangerous woman stole it from the wolves one night as they slept. This woman went under the alias of ‘Capitalis’, and her real name is unknown. She kept it in her cottage where she hid it from them for years to come. This is what brought hatred towards werewolves. She was impressed with herself for scaring villagers out of the Forests, which are now called the Dark Forests, due to the fear and hatred towards the wolves.

Many years later, she had a daughter and granddaughter. She passed it down to the generations below her. The talisman was given to the first-born daughter of each generation, or first-born son’s wife, mostly because men were believed to be untrustworthy to possess its power. Many generations later, there was a girl that went under the alias ‘Little Red’; her real name being Amber. Her mother had her venture into the Dark Forests to keep the talisman safe-to her grandmother, who knew how to protect it. Her mother was very ill, and no longer had the strength to protect it, and Red was too young, as she was only 11 years old. She told her to pretend that she was delivering sweets to her grandmother, and act innocent to any bystanders.

As she ventured deep into the Dark Forests, a werewolf with the name of Vann encountered her, and noticed that she had the talisman. The wolf tried to bargain with her, but Red, knowing she was caught, ran towards her grandmother’s cottage, and Vann followed her. He got there before her and ate her grandmother, and tried to eat Red. Red was stronger than Vann had suspected, and she ran off with the talisman and is on the run to this day.

Now, the werewolves still seek out “Little Red” so that they can obtain the talisman once again, and be perceived as the victims as they truly became, but most importantly, as gentle, loyal creatures.