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Larissa McCartney

Senior Art Director | Seattle, WA



Red Queen Logo

An Updated Logo for Royal Crush

My roller derby home team is name is Royal Crush. The whole theme of the team has been Red Army/Queen of Hearts meets Royal Flush/playing cards. As of now our home team logo is Alice sitting on the Throne. This seems a little backwards since we call our fans the Red Army, we wear hearts on our jerseys, etc. So I thought I'd experiment with a queen verision of the logo. 

Unlike using animals as reference points - I didn't want to copy anyone's existing image of the Queen of Hearts. Disney-esque illustrations seemed too playful and the Alice in Wonderland movie Queen was a bit to bobble-head for me. So I started from my own sketch and just tried to draw her head the shape of a heart and give her some sassy/bitchy eyebrows. 

Possible Design Elements: 

  • Hearts
  • Roses
  • Red & Black
  • Crown
  • Scepter 
  • Blood, blood splatters
  • Harlequin pattern

Phase 1: Quick Sketch


Phase 2: Line Drawings + Coloration 



Phase 3: Alternatives




I like where this ended up. Its a bit more messy than the animal logos - but that feels in line with the derby culture. 

Next Steps: 

  • Do I do a 3/4 profile one. Something like this? Where she is looking left or right? 
  • Does she need a frame or badge holding device? 
  • How should I lock it up with the words "Royal Crush?" We usually use the Alice in Wonderland font on our jerseys but that doesn't seem as sport-y. 

........Any words of advice out there? 


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