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Red Project / My Best & Worst

Red Food Photo Project

Below are my photos for the red photo assignment. It is fire roasted tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I tend to be pretty tidy with my photos, but I took your advice to be a little messy on the last one and am very happy with the results. I haven't experiemented much with overhead photos, but grabbed a chair to stand on for this and really liked the angle. Also, I often am not able to use natural light when taking my food photos - by the time I am home from work it's dark! I really enjoyed working with the light from my kitchen window and hope I can try to do that more often now.


My Best & Worst

I have been doing food photography for almost three years now along with my amateur hobby - food blogging. I still feel very inconsistent - especially when rushed! Some of my shots, I am very happy with (though they could always use improvement), while others I find to be borderline unusable when it comes to the editing stage. In this class I hope to not only improve my skills, but also improve my consistency. Here are some examples of my favorite and least favorite food photos.


Least Favorites:


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