Red Phoenix of the Alchemists

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - student project

RPA is a card game based on medieval alchemy. In it, you play an alchemist attempting to discover the recipe to create gold. The first player to do this - or the last left alive - is the winner.

There are 3 basic types of cards in the game: ingredients, methods and results. You combine ingredients, then select a method that determines how you draw your results for that experiment.

You begin the game with 10 health and 2 coins. The game revolves around experimentation. Each turn you draw 3 coins and can purchase Level 1 ingredients from the market for 1 coin each. You then perform an experiment as previously outlined and draw your results card(s). Results can be Successes, Failures or Catastrophic Failures. Catastrophic Failures harm you/other players; Failures do nothing; Successes produce an ingredient of the next higher level. You then retain knowledge of that recipe and can reproduce it on later turns. You may also trade knowledge of that recipe to other players by exchanging coins, knowledge of other recipes or non-binding promises.

Play progresses towards the discovery of gold as players use Level 1 ingredients to discover Level 2 ingredients. Experiments with Level 2 ingredients can produce Level 3 ingredients and Level 3 ingredients can produce gold.

However, players have a choice to make with their Level 2 and 3 ingredients, as they can be used as items as well. Using these ingredients, players can heal themselves, steal cards from other players, gain coins, prevent damage to themselves, increase their chances of success on an experiment or damage other players and monsters (the occasional by-product of an experiment gone awry).

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Sample cards:

Acid Flask

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 1 - student project


Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 2 - student project

Aqua Fortis

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 3 - student project

Luminiferous Aether

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 4 - student project

Success: Alchemist's Hooch

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 5 - student project

Simple Failure

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 6 - student project

Catastrophic Failure: Dire Wolf

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 7 - student project

Method: The Gold Standard

Red Phoenix of the Alchemists - image 8 - student project