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Red Pandas mascot.

Hello everyone.

First of all i want to thank mr Fraser for sharing with us this cool lessons.

So, i decide pick my favorite animal for my project - red pandas aka firefoxes.
In attached pic you can see how i started, and what i got at the end. I didn't make any fancy presentation, but show you my steps.

After first try, i realised two things:
1 I still sucks at logos
2 Don't mess with difficult angles in your reference photo. Just straight side or front view, at least in first projects.

So, after couple hours later, i got something what kinda looks nice.
1 I should draw sketches more carefully
2 Advices about shapes, angles and pivot points are not just words
3 Need more practice

So it goes. Cheers!   

sorry for my google-translate-pronounce :D


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