Red Panda

Red Panda - student project

Hi there,

thank you for a great class, that led me to take the leap and post my very first officiel Skillshare project.


I went for a red panda and decided to look into one of the parts of the world we can find them.

There's also a fur texture that will be bitmapped and used to cover its face, almost entirely.

Red Panda - image 1 - student project


Well, I guess it has more of the cat than of the red panda. Didn't manage to properly render those stripes on the face that make them easy to identify. My bad !

Red Panda - image 2 - student project


Still happy with the 5+1 colors, (we're close to the way-too-classic orange&blue), and with the pattern on the temples I made myself.

The fur texture (bitmapped) became almost invisible after the document was exported as a jpg.

The dots are made using a transparent pattern brush, as I learned this trick watching your new class. I'm kind of unhappy with how Illustrator deals with it. Once it's a brush, it won't follow you up when modifying the Global Colors. And even by playing with the 3 "colorize" methods it gives us, I couldn't manage to get the proper new color I was using. It seems to make the hue vary, but not the saturation. If someone knows how to avoid creating the brush all over again...

Red Panda - image 3 - student project

Red Panda - image 4 - student project