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Red Panda

I've decided to do a logo mark from a red panda, because I think they are cute and a very special animals. These are some of the pictures I used as reference for my first sketches.



I did some quick sketches with different positions, but I definitely decide to go with the position you can see in the following sketches. I wanted the logo mark to be static but have some movement at the same time, that's why the red panda is sitting and his tail is curled.


Digital version

I made a first version of the red panda logo mark in digital, a very quick one, without caring too much about detail and with very simple lines. I did this just to see how it felt digitized.

Once I saw this version I decided to go with it and work in a more stylized version. I did the griding process and I started creating the "final shape". But when I finished this process I saw some details I could improve, so I did a third version with some minor tweaks.

Here you can see the three digital versions I talked about before.


Final animal mark


I have enjoyed a lot doing this project, although I would have loved to have been able to spend more time experimenting, but I will definitely do that in the next one!

Comments are welcome :)


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