Red Letters band logo

My brother has asked me to create a logo for his band which i don't really have much experience with but feel quite passionate about. I'm hoping to gain some new skills and insights through this course.

I thought i'd start with a brief chat with my brother about his band to give me some direction and inspiration as to what ideas i can explore further. I've noted some main pointers below to refer back to.


What the band represents: 

Alternative -  different way of playing something.

unique to you 

break off of a mainstream way of doing something with an element of things that a veriety of people can connect to to suit their interests.

elements of different styles to reach more people yet sticking to what we like and our core values as a band

try to make the band appeal to as many people as possible


elements of pop, rock, progressive, dancey and upbeat

emotive connection through the lyrics that reaches people through aspects of their life

collectively write songs through our own experiences but often to suit songs and through observation of things around us

all contribute towards lyrics 

aidan and joey jammin starts new songs off - things are moulded around that - introduction to other band members then things are explored from there and ideas etc. 

lyrics come last

instrument orientated - the music and melody comes before any lyrics are formed

experiement with time signatures 

rather than having complexity in the make up of the music, you make it simpler so its easier for the broad audience but a lot more thought into the positioning of things and the way the songs are structured

the feeling of the song is determined - mostly quite upbeat 

as individuals we are adventurous and experiemntal and sociable characters this is reflected in the type of music produced. level headed/balanced individuals so music is usually quite upbeat

know the current scene as were young

being involved in the area were aware of whats popular right now in clubs etc. so can use this and adapt to it

(strongest part) instrumentation (gives grounding) - melody (inspires lyrics (usually)) - lyrics 

lyrics become based on aspects of human experience, not neccesarily our own. inspiration comes from being up to date with current trends and thinking creatively of what would reace our audience

very analytical band

1/people who are interested in alternative scene of music

2/same age as bandmembers - 15-30 yr olds

3/usually very interested in music. people who are experimental in life general - look for new different music

like new exciting things

4/creative and artistic people involved in their own projects and artistic ventures

simple, clean, adaptable, strong connection to band, humor, contradictions, classic (always going to be popular and 'cool) edge which comes from band members personal music interests, bold and experimental. get a balance 

be very experimental with logo then define and eliminate areas to bring a cohesive well structured design

Elyse Benjamin Watson

Artist and creator at Luna Love Design