Red Dress

Red Dress - student project

Hi Chris.  I had so much fun following along with you in this class.  I enjoy seeing how other artists work and think as they create projects.  I have a background illustrating for the gift industry but have always been drawn to fashion.  I decided to challenge myself with your class because I am not as comfortable with pens as I am with watercolor.  I used Bristol board because I thought it would be nice and smooth for working in pen, but I wasn't sure how it would handle the watercolor.  It's certainly behaves differently than watercolor paper. 

I like your approach to understanding clothing and how to capture it's nature.  I look forward to taking more of your classes.  I hope to improve painting clothing as it drapes.  I sometimes get lost in all those folds of a gown.  Thank you for a fun class and it was fun taking a peek at your studio!Red Dress - image 1 - student projectRed Dress - image 2 - student projectRed Dress - image 3 - student projectRed Dress - image 4 - student projectRed Dress - image 5 - student projectRed Dress - image 6 - student project

Debra Mejia
Artist and Illustrator