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Red Bellied Woodpecker

(updated on: 5/6/2016)

So I found this to be a pretty fun class, which involved ink and animals, two things I do on my own in my spare time. I kind of went back and forth on the subject matter and how I wanted to complete the project. I finally settled on the woodpecker, something I tried painting not to long ago and didn't like the outcome. I decided to come back to the same picture and tackle it again. I have kind of been on a North American wild life kick as of late, so this also helped with my decision.


Decided on this picture (the same one I tried before), I originally loved this picture because of the color of the red and whte spotted pattern on the wing. Since this is a black and white project though the red will have to be left out.


I changed the picture to black and white to get a better look at the tones.


This is the draft, which I did on computer paper but will transfer over on better paper for inking. I feel like doing the wing and background will be especially fun with the different methods to obtain the look im going for.

(update: 5/6/2016)

I finished the inking, and I found it to be pretty experimental. I wasn't to sure how to tackle some of the different tones and colors on the bird, or the tree as a whole. I decided on the use of different tones,  using nibs as well as a brush. For the brush I mostly used it for a dry brush technique as an underlayer and going back over with nibs.

The tree I really didn't stick to the photo, and kind of just went for whatever I felt would look good. I had a hrd time with the tones and line work within the tree, and also felt like I wanted to do something creative with it. The line work for the tree was time consuming, but I felt it to be worth it.

The background I just didn't want naked, so I tried to capture the blurry background that is in the photo with a smoke like rendering.

Would love to hear your feedback.




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