Red Ball

Red Ball - student project

Also tried a still life -Pear in pomegranate juice with whipped cream
Red Ball - image 1 - student projectRed Ball - image 2 - student projectI attempted your suggestion of adding gradation. Not sure how successful it is. (Also lighting not ideal today). But I’m going to call it good and send it to a friend. : )Red Ball - image 3 - student projectskies and oceans are some of my favorite things: endlessly enthralling. This is one of my favorite beaches on the Southern Oregon coast. Enjoying using white gouache. Suggestions? Thanks Ron!

I enjoyed this little red ball exercise. I learned that highlights can be achieved with pure pigment (as opposed to white) and mixing watercolor with white gouache makes for some interesting variety. This exercise also underscored that a painting doesn’t need to be elaborate to be pleasing to the eye. Any feedback/recommendations  always appreciated. On to the next exercise! Thanks Ron : )Red Ball - image 4 - student project