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Recycling over Bogotá

Bogotá city (Colombia´s capital) run a pilot project 3 months ago leadered by it´s mayor trying to involve people in to recicling, and involved poor people who work unformally separating the garbage (recycling workers). Also decided to finish the contract with the companies that operate in the city collecting the garbage and ask the water company to do it. His experiment fail having the capital with garbage in some areas for more than 2 weeks. 

One of the biggest issues is that people doesn´t have knowledge in recycling and garbage separation, the service and all the flow involving these people that work separating the garbage.

Problem Hypothesis:
Garbage separation, recycle process and collection is a well known and expensive  problem in Bogotá.


  • People want to recycle and separate garbage but doesn´t know how to do it in a proper way.
  • Recycling workers find difficult to collect recycle objects as the garbage is not separated
  • Collectors don´t know if recycling workers have already do their job.

Designing and test a kit for users that allows them to know quickly how to separate the garbage. Interview recycling workers on the process and bring that information to help the garbage separation and how they can work together with collector companies (flow definition).

Measurements and Goals

  • After testing the kit with users get half of people adoption.
  • Define a flow of the process from separation and collection that seven from 10 stakeholders will be willing to adopt.
  • Get enough information to produce a microsite about recycling garbage based on the users behavior. 


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