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Recruiting Like a Boss

I got 99 problems, and my workflow is one.

First let me clarify, because I love my job. I get to spend my whole day helping really talented  people find work. I formally studied advertising, was pretty mediocre at it, and then found that what I really love is people, so now I recruit freelance and contract digital creatives in San Francisco. It's amazing. 

But when I first took this job, I came into it with the perspective of a creative--scatter brained, a million ideas, and a TON of passion. These things motivate me and make me successful. But now I'm at a teetering point where my million different directions are detering me from growing my business. 

There are a lot of responsibilities, and talent, as well as my clients, rely on me to be responsive, prioritize, and keep careful notes and remember a LOT of things about a LOT of different people. 

So I am going to Get Things Done like a boss--like my own boss. I'm in a great position where my company supports me building my business, taking risks and ownership of our clients, and leading the way with creative ideas. But in order to be creative, I need to be organzied. So let's double this productivity sh*t and get 'er done.  

UPDATE: 10.10.13 Diagnostics.

Have you ever been to the doctor and in the middle of them doing something important like, I don't know, drawing blood or something, and then hear them go "UH OH"?!

That's exactly what phase one of diagnosing the status of my current work flow was like!

Looks like I'm messing up the crucial task of getting ANYTHING done here folks! The least dangerous part in my process is the organization process, which, I mean, there's totally potential there. But when it comes to collecting, or processing, or reviewing, or DOING any of these things I've organzied, I'm in trouble. 

As it stands, it looks like my follow through is going to need some serious work. I've cut some work out for myself. 


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