Recruiting & Hiring (for Startups)

I am part of a recruiting startup called InHiro.com, where we aim to create an online platform to make recruiting and hiring easier. We often find that startups (but well established companies as well) struggle to have their recruiting process under control. In my class, I would like to share some basic insights and tips on how to hire quicker and more efficiently, even if you don't have HR background.

Class description and main idea: 

Having the right team members on board is the key to success for many startups. But how to find and identify talent? Where to find quality candidates and how to approach them? In this class, you will learn the basics of planning your recruiting strategy, sourcing candidates and choosing the "right one".

Class outline v1.0:

1. Things to know before opening a new position
2. Planning your recruiting strategy
3. Sourcing (looking for candidates)
4. Screening and Interviewing
5. Hiring
X. Promoting your job with a creative job ad (ideas and tips)

Class deliverable:

Forget boring text-only PDF job descriptions. Create a job ad that is thorough, informative and creative. Prepare a layout/design/fully functional job ad that promotes your newly open job position, but speaks your company language and also boosts your employer branding.


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