Recreating the Jungle Cruise | Skillshare Projects

Megan Colborn

BFA Grpahic Design from BYU-Idhao



Recreating the Jungle Cruise

Original Poster

The initial trace of all the elements with basic colors

Part 2:

So I matched all the colors as close as possible to the original poster. I also added the stripes to the boat driver's shirt, and added the text. The only text font that is completely different from the original is "Adventureland", I couldn't find a really good stick-like font.

All I have left to do is add some texture and then it will be finished.

Part 3:

I played around with adding some texture onto the poster. I couldn't get the clipping mask to work (I tried sandwhiching the tiff file inbetween the two layers, but when I hit "make clipping mask" it turned clear (no-fill)), so I just put a transparent texture over the top of the poster.


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