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Recreating the 70s!

My Photoshop skills need a lot of practice. These last two projects have taken me hours, mostly because it's taken me a lot of mental processing to work out what makes things look the way they do, and then how to recreate that.

I started off trying to make these two Christmas photos look better, but they were appalling to begin with and I have zero understanding of what makes photos look good or not. On failing to improve them, I decided instead to go the other way, and to try to recreate the faded, muted look of many of my parents' photos from the 70s. This also took me hours, but I succeeded!

I found recording my actions really tricky because I make so many mistakes! I also found myself having to delete and edit the recordings because the instructions were relative, or because I'd referred to another file for detail half-way through. I appreciate what Actions do, but I don't think I've found the one I'd regularly use yet.

The Action covered the adjustment layers, and a paper pattern effect I applied to the top layer. In the end I found it far simpler to apply the layer masks I applied to get the curves outside the Action process because the photos were different resolutions, making the rectangle shapes vastly different in each project. So I think I've learnt more about what doesn't work than what does!

These two photos were the end result. I practiced on the Christmas tree, built the Action using the Christmas table, and then applied it to a fresh copy of the Christmas tree.


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