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Recreating an ad- CUZZ app pitch by Valistika Studio

For my Illustrator ad I chose this pitch for CUZZ app by Valistika Studio.  To see the rest of their portfolio you can visit 

I chose this image because I dig the shapes and imagery- this should be a good test to use all the different tools we learned about in the videos. Hopefully some of the linework will not be too awkward without a tablet.  Looking forward to this!

UPDATE: 6/30/13

I spent this morning working on the backpack.  I mostly used the pen tool, I used the brush tool for the round shapes.  I am running CS3, so no blob tool for me.  I wonder if the artist used some sort of brush tool for the lines on the backpack, the pen tool is pretty tedious.  Also I am curious what the filter is on the backpack, if anyone might have any tips I would love to hear!

One question I had is how to line up awkward shapes that come together, such as the below.  I tried my best to match them up in the pen tool, but is that the best I coud do in this situation?

UPDATE: 7/01/13

Whoa, thanks so much for the helpful feedback from both David B and Maya B.  In the end I went ahead and discovered the genius of pathfinder and it's divide tool.  It would help me take care of matching up a few lines all at once, for example this arm.  I could select all the shapes, pathfinder and divide and then delete the hang-off's of the black portion.  More to come soon!  As this thing turns into hundreds of shapes it's becoming difficult to maintain.  Need as many locks on as possible for certain not to accidently move stuff!

I'm still dying to know what the brushstroke is that might be used for the CUZZ font, some of the details throughout, etc.  I have downloaded a few cool brushstrokes but nothing that comes close to replicating, I tried a few and in the end settled for a quick pen tool to make the CUZZ seen here.  It's not spot-on but it was the closest I could come up with.


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