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Recreating a 60-ish mod poster

PART I : Choose an image

The image I decided to try to recreate:


PART II : Draw the lines & forms

I have to say after watching the first set of videos, I've gained a big jump in confidence already.  I like to see what I'm working with so all the shapes are stroked with no fill.  Can't wait 'til I get to color!


PART III : Adding colors & details.

Because the image isn't the sharpest copy sometimes it was hard to make out where the contours and outlines were.  Made a few guesses.  Can't wait to learn how to add textures to really complete the look!


PART IV : Adding textures.

This part was trickier.  I think if I invested in more time getting the right textures (for example the actual image is more speckled while I only worked with streaky textures) then the final outcome would be closer to the original.  Well, I tried & it's good enough!

My recreation on the left. Original on the right.



Still trying to get textures work for me.  Came back to this unsatisfied with my last attempt with textures.  

I might have made this worse?


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