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Recreating Modest Mouse Poster

Ok, I've never used Illustrator before or designed anything at all. The biggest problem I had was figuring out how to use patterns. I still didn't figure it out right. So if some can comment on how to fill a shape with a simple crosshatch in the desired color that would be awesome. I tried using one from the swatch library, as you can see it is a crosshatch that has giant spaces inbetween square segments of crosshatches.

Also as someone TOTALLY new to Adobe Illustrator I felt like this tutorial could have been dumbed down a bit more. For example I didn't have a lot of the tools he had already set up on his board and struggled to find them and how to place them on the tool box (because I'm the opposite of tech savy and have to be walked through these things.)

Here is the original:

Here is mine:


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