Recovery - student project

First of all, thank you Martina for the lesson and such a clear explanations of the process. I enjoyed so much. I liked and saved your textures (photocopy one is cool!) and I am very grateful for the links for inspiration you've provided. I would like to buy your book "Golden secrets of Lettering" and once I will take a your online course. 

 So, my theme of the word is a bit strange. I had a short vacation on sea but is was so good in restoring my emotions/body; Recovery - image 1 - student projectI was so relaxed so I decided to chose the word RECOVERY.

It is a bit new for me to digitize my drawings in Illustrator and work in Photoshop  because I usually work in ProCreate and Fresco.Recovery - image 2 - student projectRecovery - image 3 - student projectRecovery - image 4 - student projectRecovery - image 5 - student project