Recording studios? Listen up!

My story:

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to tour the world playing music in giant arenas all over the world. I've been playing drums for 13+ years, I grew up in a family of musicians, it felt right. However, just as many people experience, this dream started becoming less and less practical, less and less appealing. That's when I started falling in love with the producing/engineering side of music. It has helped me realize that instead of being a touring musician for the rest of my life, I would like to make my living from the inside of the recording studio - not the outside. To reach that goal, I'm using my own musical connections and knowledge, along with my engineering skills to learn what I can in my own home studio. By building my brand and reputation as an audio engineer, I'll be able to one day land a job in a "real" recording studio (basically any one that isn't my basement...). Joining a recording studio is my "buying the NY Jets."

This project will be about my currently-ongoing journey towards landing a job at a recording studio, and the ways in which I go about trying to get there. As a musician with a small, low-budget studio at home, I am currently recording artists on a fairly regular basis on my own. While this is fun and all, I want more. I want to play with the big boys in the "real" recording studios. I'm getting there, but I still have a lot to learn on my own.

There are massive opportunities to obtain new clientele through networking, and to make waves in an industry plagued with more "Supply" than there is "Demand." This project begins my path to aggressively creating and taking those opportunities, and in return, showing other people how to achieve similar goals for themselves. Even though I have a decent handle on how to correctly manage them, I am admittedly a bit behind on things like my Facebook page and the rest of my web presence. Not for long, though.

Thanks for listening.



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