Reconnecting with Line Drawing

Reconnecting with Line Drawing - student project

As I've moved over into a digital workload over the years, I've sadly neglected traditional methods of drawing - which was never my intention - as it's the root of how everything started for me. I'm starting to allocate myself me time again to re connect with drawing and illustration, as it's something I've always loved doing.

This project helped to kickstart my comeback.


One Continous Line

Reconnecting with Line Drawing - image 1 - student project

^ Really happy with how well these flow, I always take my hand off the page so found this quite liberating when I'd managed to do it.


Left Handed

Reconnecting with Line Drawing - image 2 - student project

^ Felt so weird using my left hand but I'm shocked that I actually managed to draw something


Without looking at the page / eyes closed

Reconnecting with Line Drawing - image 3 - student project


^ I actually found it easier to have my eyes closed - which is bizarre because I was so used to life drawing years back and was always analysing a subject.

Laura Pearson
Digital Designer (UI/UX)