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I chose the word reconciliation rather than my name. In Canada, we are beginning to come to terms with our country's history of treating our Indigenous Peoples very badly. The word reconciliation represents our collective understanding that we must work together to change the narrative we have long lived by. Reconciliation is a way to acknowledge and honour survivors of our deplorable residential school system.

I work with a group of people in my city called RISE - Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton. We are focusing on small acts that demonstrate our desire to have conversations and face our past so that we can move towards a future without racism and anger. The first major project that RISE did was a heart garden. Work bees allowed community members (from young children to seniors) to write messages of hope on hearts of all shapes, sizes, and materials. In the end, we had over 200 hearts with messages of hope and healing. I've tried to incorporate that idea into my piece.

I'm still working on the bottom flourish. I'm not happy with the connection between the R and the flouish. I think I need to make it a simpler, more natural transition. I'm also still struggling with the heart in the flourish. It is too forced and looks more like an apple than a heart! I think that the top curve needs to come out and down a little bit.

I haven't put a lot of my process pics here. I realized very early in the process that I wanted to use my natural handwriting because I like how neat and simple it is. The biggest problem was to get the R just right. I used ideas from internet searches and modified my final choice to fit the wider theme I was looking for.





This last one is close to the final that I posted as the cover pic. I'm going to work on refining that one tomorrow.

I'd love feedback and suggestions

I've made my first attempt at creating paths - never done this before. I probably should have started with an easier image!! Since the videos for this class don't actually show how to use the pen tool, I've had to hunt down tutorials. They are helping me get the hang of it, butI have a long way to go. I'm going to put this project aside for a little while until I get better at creating even, flowing lines.

Once I get back to this, I can already see some things I want to change. First, I am going to make the cross for the T simpler by turning the hear into a simple loop. I created diagonal guides to help me keep the same slant on the letters, but then they got out of alignment as I worked on refining them - so I also need to clean that up. There are also spacing issues, which shouldn't be a big problem. I'm happy with where it's going, but there's still lots to do.


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