Recognizing Style

Recognizing Style - student project

Recognizing Style - image 1 - student project

1. Color 

The colors used in these pieces are either bright and monochromatic paired with neutral colors, or bright and monochromatic paired with very light tints of blue or blue- green. 
These pairings reinforce emphasis on the subjects.

Most of the hues used are tints. The light blues, pinks, and yellows, create a cheerful youthful mood overall. 
I'm definitely drawn to CMYK colors.

Recognizing Style - image 2 - student project

2. Space & Texture

Most of the images I'm drawn to utilize lots of untextured single-colored backgrounds.
These create space and emphasis on the subjects.
Texture is used sparingly, but when used creates repetition as well as giving form to surfaces. Eg the body of the bear, torso of the bunny, shape of the rocks.  

Recognizing Style - image 3 - student project

3. Value

All of the image have a high contrast in value.

The use of black with bright colors creates a dramatic contrast which draws the eye to faces, eyes, and text.


I can already see how these reflect the work I try to create. Very simple with bright almost kid-like color palettes. 

Recognizing Style - image 4 - student project

Isabella Medina
Studying Design During Quarantine