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Reclaiming Morning

These photos show my morning routine on the weekends. All photos were shot in my apartment with my wife on Saturday morning. 

For this project, I hoped to convey the simplicity and serenity that weekend mornings can provide. Because I am a teacher, I am typically up very early in the morning on weekdays and typically leave before my wife is even awake. Because I am up so early and am typically in a hurry to get to school, I don't really have a set morning routine during the week, or at least not one that is particularly enjoyable. The weekends are the one time where I can reclaim my mornings and shape them into something that feels exciting and rewarding. I cherish my weekend mornings and savor each of them. 

This first picture shows my wife pouring coffee. I wanted to include her in some way in the shot to show the element of community that weekend mornings bring. Props are simple and minimal, with a book we enjoy reading together in our spare time. In this photo, I cropped it so that extranneous objects were not taking up unnecessary space in the composition. I also slightly altered the white balance to ensure that the white in the photo was bright, clean, and crisp.

I felt the simplicity of weekend mornings was captured in this particular photo, especially in black and white which felt really clean to me. We always try to keep plants around in our small apartment to provide vibrance and life. The CD is Jane Monheit, an extremely talented singer who provides just the right ambience and vibrancy for the starting a morning off right. In this photo, I just upped the contrast to provide more visual interest in the black and white photo. I made sure that the human element was a focal point and off-centered so that the photo was not focused in the center and felt more balanced.

This shot is taken in front of our curtains that still radiate light to create a really relaxing setting. 

I hope you enjoy the photos! I know I enjoyed the project!


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