Reclaim Your Space: Make a Chord Organizer | Skillshare Projects

Ashley Adkins

Seamstress, Maker, and Texture Lover



Reclaim Your Space: Make a Chord Organizer


Class Title: Reclaim Your Space: Creating Organizing Accessories


Class Description:

Don’t let a tangle of power cords be the only link between yourself and your work, make it a stylish statement of who you are. Tune in with seamstress Ashley Adkins for a 15 minute workshop on joining the world of accessory design to bring flow to your daily routine. No sewing or design experience is necessary. Ashley will show you what a breeze it can be to construct your own accessories from first sketch to final sample with basic tools. This course is perfect for anyone who enjoys crafting their own approach to a digital landscape, meanwhile taking charge of their personal space with minimal cost.


Project Title: Construct an Earbud Taco or Power Cord Organizer


Assignment:  Create an accessory which fits your needs. This assignment will teach you how to determine what design elements are needed to enhance your workflow such as: choosing the right materials, creating an easy to use pattern template, marking and cutting materials, and installing closures for ease of use. Follow the tutorial for a basic circular organizer project, or create your own custom design with the concepts we have covered.


Deliverable: Upload a finished project of your creation. A completed piece includes:

  • Basic sketch or “flat” of your accessory concept
  • Appropriate materials used (Either new or recycled)
  • Piece features some type of closure
  • Optional embellishments


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