"Recipes" Clipart Brush Pack: for Embellishing Recipe Cards, Food Blogging, etc

My brush pack includes both recipe-related clipart, and handwritten words as ready-to-use, stamplike illustrator and photoshop brushes. These brushes can embellish and decorate recipe cards, food blogs, menus, and many more cooking/recipe projects. Customers can change the size of the brushes, or expand the brushes to change the color. 

I chose to use physical art for my brush pack--specifically handwritten words and drawings. I wanted to create brushes that could be used to decorate recipe cards, so I started out by scribbling different recipe related words, and playing with different styles of writing.

I used a monoline ink pen as well as a calligraphy pen to experiment with different looks. 

Then, I drew different clip art images related to cooking and recipes.

I scanned all of my hand-drawn art into illustrator,  and cleaned up edges, added color etc. Then I started messing with arrangement:

finally, I chose my favorite words and clipart images and created the brushes!

ANNNND, created a screenshot image for a potential listing!


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