Recipe Maker & Sharer

Recipe Maker & Sharer - student project

Create and share recipes!

Some of us use recipe apps to teach us how to cook (including me, sadly). However, some of us are too savvy for such apps. Those of us, when it comes to food, are the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers and the round pegs in the quare holes who want to create food differently. (So appropriate to use this quote for this class!).

For all you mothers who want to send your children those simple recipes for school. For those of you who baked a great quiche one night and want to share your recipe and directions with your guests afterwards, or for all you brave men who learnt to cook and want to share their favoured way of creating beans on toast!




To create a simple app where you can add your ingrediants, cooking times, instructions and uploaded photos. This is my goal for the course. As an extra, I want to introduce a way for sharing through social media and people who have this app.

Updates to come as I progress!