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Recipe Book  - student project

Recipe Book  - image 1 - student projectRecipe Book  - image 2 - student projectI would like to handprint  a recipe book that can be used for collecting favourite recipes. I tried several designs and would appreciate feedback of any kind.

I updated my sketch. I think I would prefer it reversed (what is black rather white and what white is black). Which sketch do you like best and do you have suggestions for changes?

First I wanted to write: " Lieblingsrezepte"  = "favourite recipes" , but then I decided for "Gute Rezepte für ein gutes Leben" = "good recipes for a good life". But I am still looking if I find better words.

I changed the "z" an the pot and made it look less "pointy". I will have it handprinted so I am not sure wheather I should ad structure in the background - as the printing process itself will deliver some kind of irregularities in the types. What do you think?

The last sketch is redone in illustrator - I tried to keep the handdrawn look, but would like to have it look "professional" as well. So far I am not happy with the fork and knife at all. And I am not so sure about the curls. First I wanted them to look calligraphic - but I didn´t manage to get them look that way. I think they look very much handdrawn and I am not sure whether I like this.

Thank you everybody for your thoughts and comments. They are all very appreciated.

Recipe Book  - image 3 - student project

Recipe Book  - image 4 - student project

Recipe Book  - image 5 - student projectRecipe Book  - image 6 - student projectRecipe Book  - image 7 - student projectRecipe Book  - image 8 - student projectRecipe Book  - image 9 - student project

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