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Susana Juárez

Hola Zou



Rebranding my work by breaking the rules I am used to...

I am taking this class for two main reasons.

First one, I am a freak control. I try to make everything beautiful and perfect, and clean, and justified, and because of that pursuit of perfection I feel completely stuck, no fun or interesting work whatsoever... just plain "aesthetic" (meaning: played by the rules). I took this class in order to push myself in the opossite direction of my usual one. 

Second one, I am trying to rebrand my studio by focusing in gastronomic clients (like restaurants, small breweries, independent food makers, food trucks, etc.) designing brands, packaging, signage, etc... so i need new skills to make my client's work stand out and scream how good their products are...

Let's see what happens here!!!

Assignment 1: References

One of my heros is Frida Kahlo, she was so authentic and brave, and at the same time fragile, here is some of her handwritting:

And a close up of one of her paintings:

Another inspiration to me is the work of Jordi Labanda, his handwritting look so efortless, and of course his illustrations are amazing:

I also feel jealous when I come across real handwritten typography mixed with photos in magazines, love that combo, I wish I could do something like this someday:

As I said at the begining of my project, one of my biggest passions is gastronomy and  my dream is to design for food brands, and come up with some work like this:

Assignment 2: Making Marks

Here are my first attempts of making handmade marks!

I made this with a huge paint marker (I did the cutter trick on the tip)

I used chinese ink and a brush for this, was a lot harder since I had less control on the brush

The next two were made with different widths of sharpie markers...

So far is what I have done...


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