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Rene Klein

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Rebranding my old site

My original photography blog/website was rather invaded by my digital scrapbook design this spring and summer, and the new scrapbook-centric site was set up in early September. That leaves me with an existing site and domain name that could use a re-brand. My existing "Captured Zen Photography" logo is functional, but could be a lot better...but it still doesn't reflect the digital drawing and painting I've been doing.

The color palette I've been using on the site since I first started it, through a couple of website redesigns, is focused around black, white, and bright green, with a couple of shades of grey in supporting roles, so I'm choosing to keep that.

I want the logo to reflect my bold, slightly imperfect, hand-drawn digital art style, in addition to highlighting my photography. After multiple attempts involving creating lens circles, a paintbrush, several lines, and about two weeks of pounding my head on my desk, I woke up with an idea to play with the lines of the letters. Hand-drawing the letters for my name, Rene' Holly Klein, I created a camera from the letters in Holly and a few extra lines, backed it with the bright green to make the shape stand out, and combined it with a simple straight line and a few words in a handwriting font.

I think the result captures my artistic style well, and will serve me well for years unless my artistic style changes drastically.


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