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Rebranding PENTAX


Here are 2 final versions of my logo.

Version 1: I combined #1, #2, #3 and the baseline of #4 from the 2nd round of sketches. I made the 'x' one complete loop to represent infinity, because Pentax has grown as a company and redfined the field of photography in a number of ways. The infinity symbol represents their journey as a company.

Version 2: I wanted to do a logo that was like a crest / seal, so I started this one with the round element in the back and it ended up looking like a lens, so i added the glint on the 'glass' and put the text in front. 


I took the comments to heart and started from scratch, scrapping the idea of incorporating camera imagery and photography-related icons in the logo. These are all handrendered typefaces that are still rough, (the good draft will obviously have better kerning and thick / thin lines, etc.), but I was trying to stay away from their current sans serif, bold font and lean more in a flowy / strong but soft type of imagery. I fell like #3 might be my favourite, maybe with the addition of the baseline of #4.


UPDATE: Jan.28

I did a lot of sketching, then chose the 25 I like best and finalized them a bit. The 2 pages of more concrete ideas are first, then the 6.5 pages of sketches follow

TOP 25

Sketches / Ideas





In 2011, Ricoh acquired Pentax and renamed it: Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. They might not have the mainstream appeal of Nikon and Canon, but Pentax has a loyal cult following of collectors and photographers who still swear by their products.

The current logo is relatively stale, doesn't tell much about the company, incorporate the new name at all, or elicit emotion of any kind. I'd like to rebrand them to give a newer, younger feel.


Young, urban male and female, 28-36, college educated. Entrepreneurial / free-spirited.

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