I wouldn't say I've always struggled with my weight, but I watched my mom deal with her battle. She is currently healthy and living a healthy lifestyle with a great medical support team (doctor, chiro, etc.) and active.

My husband and I are active, largely healthy people that have indulged in a little too much beer and a little too little steady exercise. With both of us hitting 30, we finally found a gym option we enjoy. As the main meal provider, I am struggling with my love of carbs (mmm, pasta) and balancing a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle, even though I am good at prepacking meals, etc.

We're rebooting - starting with this week (week of Jan 14th) of no drinking. Period. I have to prove to myself that a glass of wine with dinner is something I can do without.

I'm also intentionally eating - this means I don't eat until I'm hungry, and then I am forced to think about the options I've packed. What am I really hungry for? Why? Am I thirsty instead?

Living a healthy lifestyle means considering my options and choosing the best. Living a busy lifestyle means I find ways to integrate good, solid choices and not make decisions on the fly about "Oh, it's fine to eat McDonald's this morning, I'm working out."

Right now I'm overweight but not obese. I like being able to spin, run, dance, hike, mountain bike and scare the crap out of myself on a regular basis trying new things. I hunt, I fish, and I am currently addicted to fitocracy.

Below are pictures I use to motivate myself and my mantra...."Don't compare your behind the scenes to everyone else's highlight reel." --

Kicking butt so far, choosing good meals and even if I slip a little (last night's handful of pringles) I still applaud myself for not tearing myself down and for having the presence of mind to make good choices.


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