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Rebellious Lace

Here is my project for my blog. It looked so easy when watching the course, but it wasn't at all :) I hope you like the result.


I'm planning to start a blog about fashion, travelling and cool locations around the world. Therefore I wanted to create a creative logo and a symbol which I can use online and on printing materials (e.g. name cards, greeting cards, maybe for a stamp ...)

Get inspired!

I wanted to have a typographic logo in a handwritten style.

Therefore I had this image in mind:



So I picked two fonts.

It turned out a little bit different, but I like the font "Biloxi Script" a lot.


I would use "Biloxi Script" for all my headlines too and I would use "Caviar Dreams" for the body text.
I'm not quite sure though if I should use "Gotham Thin" instead of "Caviar Dreams". Gotham is the font which I used above for the words "Biloxi Script" and "Caviar Dreams". What do you think?

The Symbol

I wanted to have a symbol, which I can use for the logo and which I can also use alone, e.g. as a watermark on photos. First I thought I would do something with the Initials "R" and "L" - but it was very hard for me to figure out something nice. Than I got inspiration from some patterns on pinterest. But that was also very difficult. And then I was looking at nice jewellery on pinterest, where I got the inspiration for my final symbol. Here is my pinterest board and my doodles I did:



Color palette

This is my idea for my brand colour palette:


I don't know yet which exact colour (CMYK & RGB) I should use, because everything I tried doesn't look like I want it to be. I want to have something like the images above - do you have an idea?

Also I don't know if I should use another colour, e.g. a blue one or a "blush rose" or if this is enough?

My final logo

So this is my final logo. I think I can use it like that and I want to use the symbol on its own as well.


But I'm not sure, if the symbol alone is enough?! Maybe I would need another sublogo as well which is more branded.

What do you think?

I'm looking forward to your feedback!

All the best,



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