Rebel Authority

Rebel Authority - student project

This was one of the first times I've taken on a project like this. I was recently asked to make a logo for an esports team (they said it was okay to use their name and new logo here). I'm super happy with what they came up with as far as a direction.


The very beginning of this class can be seen on the first part of the presentation on the top left. The rough outline of the characters get and a poofy color (obviously you'd need that when you're wearing a hockey mask). The skeleton quickly started gaining some meat after the outlines were done and he started take shape. The middle left was definitely feeling good even in mono. Everything seemed to have it's place and the character was really taking shape. I didn't want to add TOO much detail as you would obviously lose a lot of that on a tiny little banner.

I would like to note as well, when you're ready to start doing your harder line work, with the simple tangent techniques you learned here, investigate using the width tool, on pc the shortcut is shift, + w. You may be pleasantly surprised with how powerful it can be on some of those harder to match up lines.

The middle right was outlined after the color had been added, but I figured someone might be like to see that, because I do.

Rebel Authority - image 1 - student projectRebel Authority - image 2 - student projectRebel Authority - image 3 - student project

This course is incredibly easy to follow. If you feel intimidated going in, just follow along with the lion, and you will probably impress yourself - I know I did.