Reasons we tend to overeat

•Human body evolved from feast/famine times
•Biologically adapted to store fat
•Seek out calorie dense foods : sugar and fat
•Combination of fat and sugar/refined carbs 

1. What’s the focus/topic of your speech, presentation or pitch?
A talk on fat loss

2. Who is your intended audience?
20-30 people who signed up for a fat loss challenge through their health club. Enthusiastic, overweight professionals, high career flyers, 35-50 years olds, who are keen to get educated on how to eat well.

3. Space/Location/Equipment
Where will you be presenting, what type of AV equipment will you have access to, what will you need to bring.

Local golf club room

Equipment on hand:
Own lap top

4. How much time will you have to present?

30-40mins including Q&A

5. KABOOM! (Impact)
By the end of your speech, how should the audience feel? What should they think? What do you want them to do?

They should feel enthusiastic and excited about having the knowledge to
choose the right foods that will kick start their fat burning engines on.
I'd like them to contact me for a one-on-one consult, so they can receive a personalised eating plan, which would take into account any allergies/intolerances, food preferences and life-style.

1. Tell them what you’re going to say. (Intro)
1 min intro on who I am and why I'm here.
Ask the audience what motivated them to come to the talk.

2. Say it! (The Mighty Rule of 3)
Key Point 1 + Vessel for the Message
Why we need to eat healthy, and how easy it is to eat too much of high calorie foods.
Vessel: Images of people doing a bootcamp class with an arrow pointing to 2 doughnuts and "400 calories" underneath both.

Key Point 2 + Vessel for the Message  
How to turn on your fat burning engines through food. Breakdown of fats, proteins and carbs and how the body utilises each as an energy source
Vessel : flowchart of how excess sugar turns to fat, images of food groups, client case study - her diet before and after

Key Point 3 + Vessel for the Message
How to read and interpret food labels
Vessel: photo of actual food label of crisps, ideal amounts of nutrients and calories a person on a fat loss program should aim for.

3. Tell them what you said. Yes, again. (Conclusion)
2 minute recap on which food groups to chose over the other for fat loss and 3 simple tips


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