Really enjoyed this!

Really enjoyed this! - student project

Really enjoyed this! - image 1 - student projectApologies for the dreadful photos - I'm travelling in my camper van while doing this so light isn't the best!

I only used my cheap paper for these projects (Hahnemuhle block, 200gsm) which I really don't like so reserving it for practice pieces. Despite it being a block, the paper still ends up wavy and also the masking fluid ended up ripping the paper.

All were painted with St Petersburg watercolours. I also used a Posca white pen for some instead of masking fluid, which quite often doesn't give me a nice clean white - more like a semi transparent white unless I push hard and then quite often end up with a big blob! 

I struggle a bit with glazing - I'm not very confident in putting on a strong colour so end up having to glaze too many times which I think doesn't look as fresh - something for me to work on. 

I've uploaded only the practice pieces from the workshop and my Project piece, although still working on the scone.

Really enjoyed this! - image 2 - student projectReally enjoyed this! - image 3 - student projectReally enjoyed this! - image 4 - student project

Looking forward to the other classes :) I'll definitely be applying the techniques learned here to my sketchbook work.


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