Real coffee

Finding an old style coffee grinder in my parents old house was the definitive step for me to decide to make a real cup of coffee. I went to a little coffee and tea shop in my city (which sadly is closed now) and asked for advice. The very nice shopkeeper recommended me a Colombian coffee, which is sweet and chocolatey.

I went for the french press as my grinder grinds quite coarse. The process I follow is:

  1. Weight the water and coffee, I use a proportion of 1:10
  2. Heat the water until it nearly boils, after some iteration I've found that it needs 3 minutes in my microwave
  3. In the meantime I grind the coffee. I'm getting very strong arms thanks to it!
  4. Put the coffee in the press and add the water. Stir.
  5. Wait 4 minutes. I set timer in the phone actually called "Coffee" (seriously)
  6. Press
  7. Enjoy!



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