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Real Productivity

- What rules stand out to you? What are you excited to try?

Definitely the 3x3x3 rule. It should keep me focused and reel me in from being over-ambitious, scattered and (ultimately) disappointed.


- What other productivity rules work for you?

1. Keeping things simple and maintaining as few systems as possible.
2. I use a bullet journal, as writing things using pen and paper sticks better in my head. It also keeps everything in one system. I use Evernote and Dropbox for the details and notes about projects.
3. Have a solid and clear filing system on your pc/tablet. A file naming structure and clear folder system is critical to keeping things simple and being able to find things when you need them. Don't let your pc/tablet fill up with junk that swamps all your legitimate stuff.


- What goal are you most excited to accomplish in the next month, quarter, or year?

Starting up my own business, definitely.


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