Real G's Move in Silence Like Lasagna

Okay, so this is my first try at any kind of hand lettering, so this first one was mainly an exercise to get a feel for it and to learn from my mistakes. I picked this quote from the Lil Wayne song "6 Foot 7 Foot."

I first started by creating a moodboard found here: http://www.gomoodboard.com/boards/zgKTgOuq/share.

I had ideas of big bold lettering to represent the rap/hip hop feel. I started leaning more toward a homecooked meal, 50s vibe. "Real G's" is meant to be a 50s looking banner. "Move In" on the spoon I drew from the Betty Crocker logo. Lasagna is dripping with cheese.


Then I have the final product here:


If I were gonna go back, I think I would clean up the lettering in "LASAGNA." Also, I'd be a little more careful about balancing all of the black ink with white space throughout the design.

I'm pretty happy with this though for a first try! On to the next one.


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